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Sunshine Party time

Discoveries are around every corner, to refresh, connect and energize your event attendees. Color is everywhere, from sparkling blue skies to fiery pink sunrises and sunsets. Miami is always a top choice for meetings and conventions, offering a world of great hotel, dining and entertainment.

Few destinations make it so easy to plan a magical outing, whether it’s touring one of our culturally distinctive neighborhoods, dining on global cuisine, or enjoy a lushly landscaped rooftop terrace with sweeping views of the city or ocean.


Florida's Paradise Coast

A natural and cultural gem tucked away in Southwest Florida, the Paradise Coast is where the Gulf of Mexico’s sparkling water meets white sand, wild islands and downtowns filled with artful treasures, culinary delights and countless other discoveries.

Explore Naples and Marco Island and find your most idyllic Florida vacation. For meetings that combine beauty, adventure and tropical elegance, there’s only one place to plan—Florida’s Paradise Coast of Naples, Marco Island and the Everglades.

The legacy

Our Vessels

The Crystal Grandeur prepares to become Naples’ iconic symbol of uncompromising luxury & style just as Seafair’s Grand Luxe has become a singular landmark in Miami.

Seafair Crystal Grandeur

Entering service this winter, the 165′ 600 passenger Crystal Grandeur offers Naples & Marco Island the most refined yacht experience afloat.

Scenes from our destinations

Seafair Grand Luxe

The 212′ Grand Luxe continues to to fly the banner of the largest luxury event vessel in the world hosting Miami’s most exclusive event experiences.

Tour booking

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Book your tour today! It’s tough to get into every detail that Seafair has to offer
and the emotion that our vessel invokes with words on a screen. Sometimes you just have to see for yourself.

Schedule your tour aboard Seafair! We can walk through while talking about your event and envisioning what it will look like through each deck.